Sundsberg Multicultural Club

When walking around in Sundsberg it is easy to recognise that this a multi-cultural place: different languages are spoken, even names at post-boxes suggest this… Even though I’m sure we would find ways to get to know each other regardless of our backgrounds, a club with focus on this cultural diversity could help making Sundsberg a place where people from different cultures find it easy meet and share experiences on any theme. This club could also be a forum to get to know different cultures, or a just way to have good time with each other.

This is a friendly inquiry in case you (your family) would be interested in the foundation of the ”Sundsberg Multicultural Club” (name is still open). The club would give a great opportunity for both foreigners and Finns to meet each other. The aim would be to share experiences on living in Finland/Sundsberg and to get information as well as socialize through various events such as international culture & dinner evenings, sports, trips etc..

If this raised your interest to become a member please send an email to
and we can plan how to start…