Sundsberg, AsukasyhdistysSundsberg, Asukasyhdistys


Sundsberg Multicultural Club, SMC

Sundsberg Multicultural Club (SMC) was founded on the 14th October 2006. The club is a place to help people to meet regardless of their backgrounds and share experiences on any theme. It is also a forum to get to know different cultures, and a way to have good time with each other.

One of our goals is to organize various events such as:

SMC belongs to the Sundsberg Residence Association and in order to support the association as well as enjoy all the benefits you are warmly encouraged to become a paying member. You can apply for the association membership here (association charter). When you apply for the membership, you can register for the SMC. If you are already a member of the association, you can register to the SMC by using the feedback form.

Ideas for events and the club in general are welcome since the club is really what its members make it.